Evelyn Ortmann & Maxitropin

"This stuff is a game changer! I am sleeping better, my workouts are more effective and I am recovering faster. Whether you are a performance athlete or a weekend warrior, Maxitropin will help you achieve your peak!"

Evelyn Ortmann

Whether she’s instructing a LesMills class or out for a hike, Evelyn Ortmann knows the importance of nutrition and the proper supplements in keeping fit and active. She’s recently added Maxitropin to her regimen, and her words show how pleased she is with the results.

Maxitropin, which was previously only offered through anti-aging and weight loss physicians, is now available for direct purchase right here on maxitropin.com. If you’re looking for an edge in rebuilding your perfect body, then Maxitropin is for you.

  • Decreased body fat
  • Increased muscle
  • Improved sleep
  • Quick recovery
  • Better workouts
  • Increased energy


evelyn ortmann

The amino acid/peptide blend in Maxitropin has several positive effects on the body. Developed many years ago by pharmacists at Millenium Nutritionals, a subsidiary of Hopewell Pharmacy at the time, this blend was originally developed as a secretagogue type product marketed to anti-aging physicians seeking a safe alternative to growth hormone. Secretagogues work to “inhibit the inhibitor” allowing the body a more normalized release of growth hormone. The 10-gram peptide blend helps to lower levels of somatostatin, the hormone found to inhibit normal growth hormone release. Normalizing growth hormone release has profound effects on tissue recovery, improved sleep patterns, and overall energy levels.

evelyn and maxitropin


Unlike a pre-workout type supplement, Maxitropin’s effects are not instantaneous and will be noticed as you get into it for a few weeks. The blend is rich in glutamine, which helps buffer lactic acid and enhance immune function, as well. The arginine helps to improve blood flow into muscle tissue to allow for better recovery and nutrient disbursement into those working muscle cells. As a dye-free, sweetener-free product, Maxitropin may be mixed with a juice or simply water. (Alone, it has an acquired taste.)

Maxitropin’s amino/peptide blend of glutamine, glycine, arginine, orninithine, and lysine has turned out to be a necessity for exercisers and athletes. The positive impact on recovery was found as an unintended – but very welcome – benefit after twenty years of successful use by the hormone replacement community.

Are you ready to live young like Evelyn?

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This stuff is a game changer! I am sleeping better, my workouts are more effective and I am recovering faster. Maxitropin will help you achieve your peak!