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“I used Maxitropin for six months. During that time, I lost 15 pounds. Maxitropin gave me the energy to recover from strenuous workouts faster. It also helped me to improve my diet; Maxitropin helped control my cravings for sugar. I am 36 years old and I feel like I am 20 again. I am in the best shape of my life.” — Dan

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“I have been taking Maxitropin since November 2003. My primary physical activity at that time was yoga practice. I restarted weight and cardiovascular activity in January 2004 because I felt a greater energy level than before, probably due to Maxitropin. My weight has also dropped from over 170 lbs. and has stabilized at just over 140 lbs. At 70, I have no significant health issues.” — Louis, Cherry Hill, NJ

“I started taking Maxitropin one and a half years ago because of deficient cartilage in my knees. With Maxitropin, I feel less pain and have been sleeping better. I used to have terrible trouble falling asleep before taking Maxitropin. I feel great, have increased energy, but most all, I have lost 78 pounds in 15 months!” — Margaret, Carpentersville, IL


This stuff is a game changer! I am sleeping better, my workouts are more effective and I am recovering faster. Maxitropin will help you achieve your peak!